Improving Your Home’s Appeal

It’s refreshing to hear good news on those fronts that affect the housing market, but it’s no guarantee that home prices will rise and stay high. Homeowners looking to sell their homes for the highest amount must take steps to improve their home’s curb appeal to buyers, both inside and out. Sellers can follow these simple tips to increase the chances of selling for a higher price.

  • Choose a top-notch real estate agent. This one is a no-brainer. If you choose the best to sell your home, then the best is what you will get.
  • Pressure wash/paint/stain the exterior. It’s important for prospective buyers to fall in love with your home, and that means having an attractive exterior (It’s the first thing they will see). The experts at Better Homes & Gardens rate curb appeal as one of the most important aspects to selling a home.
  • Paint the interior neutral colors. Not only will your walls look clean, they will present a blank canvas for prospective buyers.
  • Make sure it smells good. The pros at maintain that no one wants to live in a stinky home, so make sure yours smells great.

The best resource for knowing when a home can sell for a higher price is an experienced, local real estate agent. They know the market’s ups and downs and can get you through them smoothly. If you are looking for the highest selling price, list with us!