Assess Buyer’s Needs

– Consult with The Gold Standard Group and determine your needs

– This is the first stop on the way to buying your new home!

– Obtain Pre-Approval letter from a lender, if you haven’t done so already

– This will help you determine your true buying power.

Search Homes

-Search for homes online that fit your criteria

– Go view homes/open houses with The Gold Standard Group

*** Remember: When visiting Open Houses, please indicate that you are currently working with a buyer’s agent and feel free to mention The Gold Standard Group’s name on the sign-in sheets. Also, please do not visit any properties that are new construction homes without my representation.

Write an Offer

-Once you have chosen a home, we will help you write a purchase contract. We will submit the terms of your purchase offer to the seller and listing agent. We will help you negotiate the best terms.

– Include contingencies, finance, home inspection, appraisal, and etc.

-In some cases, the seller may counter your offer by changing some terms such as the prices, settlement date, etc. This counter offer will be presented to you by your agent. You can then accept it, reject it, or counter the seller’s counter offer. These exchanges may continue until the contact is acceptable for both the buyer(s) and seller(s)

Acceptance of Contract!

– When both parties come to an agreement on the contract you will have a ratified contract

– Submit a loan application

Hazard/Homeowner’s Insurance

– You may begin looking for quotes

-Check with your auto insurance company first to get rates; you might be able to get a bundle rate

Home Inspection (typically 7-10 day period)

– Schedule & Attend w/ Agent

*** Please have a personal check made payable to the Home Inspector

-The Gold Standard Group will help review inspections and negotiate appropriate requests

Loan Approval Process

-Keep in touch with loan officer

– Appraisal

– The appraisal is an assessment of the property’s value. Appraiser will go inspect the home and check the condition, review current listing in the area, and review sales prices in the community.

– The appraisal will need to be paid prior to or at settlement.

– Once the Lender sends you the appraisal report; forward a copy to The Gold Standard Group.

– Purchase home owner insurance policy no later than this point

Commitment Letter

– Send a Copy of the commitment letter to The Gold Standard Group, once the letter has been issued to you.

Transfer of Utilities

Make sure to transfer into your name(s) effective on the date of settlement or move in date (if different)

Final Walk-Through

The Gold Standard Group will schedule a final walk-through before settlement. This is the time to make sure the house is as you expected it to be.

– Verify that the property is in substantially in decent physical condition.

-Are all the items you have contracted for still there?

– Have all repairs been made that we agreed on?

– Pay close attention to those items that are important to you. If something is missing or not working, you and your agent can begin to work with the sellerimmediately to reach a satisfactory solution.


-Your title company will work to coordinate all the details of your closing. Your settlement will be conducted by an attorney orlicensed title agent.

-The attorney or licensed title agent will:

-Obtain the loan documentation and verify that the terms of your loan are accurate

-Confirm that your lender’s documents are properly executed

-Explain all documents to your satisfaction

-Insure that the deed transferring the property to you is precise, implemented correctly, and documented.

– You should obtain a cashier’s check for settlement and remember to bring a government issued photo ID.

– Attend settlement, keys will be given, and you may MOVE INTO YOUR NEW HOME!